Finding a purpose in life is key to create meaning and motivation to change. Without purpose, we are human beings lost at sea without a paddle. Without a sense of direction we are wandering aimlessly throughout life. We need to set goals in order to create meaning and progress towards those goals on a daily basis. 

We should not feel bad if we do not know our “why” or our “purpose”. This is the time when we need to MAKE IT OUR GOAL TO CONNECT TO OUR SOUL and figure out what gets the wheels turning. It is the fact that we get disconnected from our souls that cause us to get lost in the world and identify with our external environment, as opposed to our inner goodness. We are pure beings at birth, but then we are tainted by a world filled with judgment, hardships, and anger. 

We are brought up to believe we must fit into a mold of what society expects us to be, which is how the majority of Americans carry out their entire lives. There are some of us that question this way of being, and we are fortunate to gather the courage to mold our own way of being. This is truly the only way to find happiness. 

Society trains us to always be seeking answers outside of ourselves. This makes us feel inadequate and unworthy of self love. Constantly focusing on whatever we don’t have, and totally looking past whatever blessings we have right in our face on a daily basis.

In order to reconnect with our “why” in life, we must shed this old way of thinking. We must accept the fact we have strengths and weaknesses. Work to capitalize and leverage the strengths, while accepting and showing compassion for our weaknesses. We find immense strength just by simply acknowledging areas where we lack skill. It is in accepting our faults where we develop compassion, and habitual compassion perpetuates into self love. 

Once we love ourselves then we gain the confidence to begin the process of molding our own being in this chaotic world. Through this new state of mind we can cultivate happiness and begin spreading love to the world. Spreading love to the world creates a magnetic attraction that brings the right people into our path to show us our purpose

Open up your mind to love and the universe will reward you with endless fruits, putting you in a perpetual state of bliss and cultivating abundance.

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