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The SP Performance Program works with healthy adults and athletes to boost cognitive function as a means to achieving improved outcomes in day to day life. Optimizing brain function in a targeted and natural manner creates an edge in performance over the competition.

SoulPhysio Lifestyle - Depression


The SP Growth Program focuses on working with children to improve brain-body balance and optimize learning capabilities. The brain is the most impressionable when growing up, creating the perfect environment to introduce healthy habits.

SoulPhysio Lifestyle - Anxiety


The SP Recovery Program helps adults overcome challenges with Mental Health and Substance Use by living a brain healthy lifestyle. Creating healthy habits is the key to optimizing brain health and living a life rooted in deep purpose.

SoulPhysio Lifestyle - Anxiety


The SP Longevity Program serves adults and seniors to help maximize quality of life utilizing wellness as the foundation. Taking proper care of the brain and body is key to increasing lifespan.

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The SoulPhysio Method is a proprietary framework we have developed as a guide for all of our clients to improve the function of their brain. Brain health is not a one size fits all approach, which is why we take the time to construct a fully customized plan based on age, gender, current conditions, goals, and a variety of other factors. The brain is a malleable structure that is able to shape itself in response to our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions (this process is called Neuroplasticity). It is important that we incorporate healthy habits in our daily life to promote positive changes in our brain. We developed the “4 Pillars of a Brain Healthy Lifestyle” Framework, the SoulPhysio Method, to create awareness around current habits that are harmful to the brain, and create a roadmap to healing and optimizing its function.

4 Pillars of a Brain Healthy Lifestyle

SoulPhysio Method - 4 Pillars of a Brain Health

**4 Pillars Framework is used for all clients who sign up for our 6-Month Brain Health Coaching Program. Contact us for more information.**