Self-love has become a lost art in a society that is full of unrealistic expectations and seemingly endless competition. Too often people base their self-worth on factors outside of themselves, which is sure to lead to pain and suffering. Trying to fit into a mold of a person that we think we need to be in order to reach our goals creates a lot of confusion and chaos mentally. Failure to live up to societal expectations can leave us feeling inferior compared to our peers. Living in the shadows of others whom we perceive to be “more successful” will inevitably lead to sadness, depression, and disappointment.

Being aware of this faulty thought pattern is the first step towards being able to take the necessary actions to correct it. Taking an objective look at oneself is one of the toughest things to do because of all the various emotions associated with our thoughts. Once we are able to sift through the negative emotions and realize that they are the root cause of our suffering we can begin the healing process. Viewing mistakes as an opportunity to grow is a valuable skill that can help to prevent further formation of negative thoughts. Accepting the fact that we are human and have weaknesses relieves a tremendous amount of pressure that we put on ourselves to be “perfect”.

Learning to love oneself is a practice that takes time and continuous effort. Taking action on a daily basis is extremely important when it comes to self-love. Looking in the mirror can cause anxiety for many people because we see the image of ourselves that the world sees, which can be either positive or negative depending on how we view ourselves. A negative self-image causes us to look for imperfections in the mirror, as opposed to appreciating our good qualities. Once we are able to look in the mirror and smile at ourselves without judgment, is when we can begin to live our best lives. Developing this level of compassion for oneself is a pre-requisite for experiencing true happiness. Once we learn to develop unconditional love for ourselves and those around us, it is amazing how everything begins to fall into place effortlessly.

Lesson for the day:

Look yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you just the way you are”. I know this may sound very corny, but I assure you it will work wonders for your mind and self-esteem. Remember, repetition is the key, and do not expect a miracle! The miracle will happen organically with patience, continued effort, and most importantly, an ABSENSE OF EXPECTATIONS!!

Thanks for reading!

Aneesh Chaudhry– 

Founder of SoulPhysio Lifestyle, LLC

ACE-Certified Health Coach

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