1. Practice yoga and you will feel more grounded.

Yoga teaches you how to get into your body and out of your mind. You will learn how to establish a solid foundation, both physically and mentally, so that you are better able to find balance and stability in the midst of life’s chaotic outbursts. You will discover that these disturbances — the ones that once used to uproot you so easily — suddenly become incredibly light and insignificant under your newfound strength.

2. You will become more flexible.

Yoga grants us not only physical flexibility, but flexibility of the mind. A flexible body will be less susceptible to injuries and more capable of fluid, pain-free movement. A flexible mind will be less judgmental of oneself and others, and more willing to take healthy risks and try new things. You will be more open to expressing emotion and creativity, and going with the flow of life will become much easier.

3. You will have more energy.

Yoga awakens the dormant fire within you, lighting up your passion for life, while simultaneously burning away any negative thought patterns, toxic habits, or weaknesses. It brings warmth and radiance to the soul, giving you a natural rush of energy to carry with you throughout the day.

4. You will discover more love.

Yoga opens the heart. Like gusts of wind dancing in and around the leaves of trees, a yoga practice will carry love throughout every cell of your being, bringing with it a sense of softness and joy. You will find that your capacity to both give and receive love expands, extending into the realms of infinity.

5. You will raise your energetic vibration.

A consistent yoga practice will naturally attune you to a much lighter frequency, dissolving away heavy energies, like hate, fear, guilt, and shame. It will bring you closer to your own personal truth, inspiring you to live your life to the fullest and pursue your passion and purpose in this lifetime.

6. You will become more focused.

Yoga will bring more clarity to the mind. Through the practice of meditation, you will learn to quiet the constant chatter in your head and will be better able to cope with distractions in daily life. This newfound stillness will sharpen your own inner guidance, granting you more insight and wisdom.

7. You will experience more bliss.

Yoga will connect you with something bigger than yourself, giving you a sense of unity and fullness. It will help deepen your connection to the Divine — whether that’s God, the Universe, or whatever it means to you —ultimately becoming a deeply fulfilling spiritual practice.

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