SoulPhysio Productions

SoulPhysio Productions is a full-service Television and Film Production Company specializing in creating content focused on holistic health and wellness. Our production studio is located in our headquarters in Irvine, CA. Our goal is to use media as an outlet to educate people on the importance of how our actions ultimately impact the health of our brain. 

The information we consume in the form of television, movies, social media, and news have a significant impact on our subconscious mind. These subconscious impressions show up as thoughts in our mind, which are either positive or negative based on the content we consume.

It is our goal to create content that educates, empowers, and motivates people to want to take action towards living a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of negative influences in the world of media today, so we make it a point to spread peace, love, and joy to those that need it the most. 

This is the reason why we have decided to donate 50% of profits from all SoulPhysio Productions media projects back into our Nonprofit Foundation to help combat Mental and Neurological Illness within the youth.

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