The SoulPhysio Foundation

Building a Brighter Future One Brain at a Time

The SoulPhysio Foundation was founded to help children struggling with Mental and Neurological Illness. Both of our clinics are being used to help research and gather data on many cutting edge treatments to optimize brain function. 

Our main focus lies in helping children suffering from ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). The complexity and wide variety of symptoms that these children experience has caused this disorder to become a neurological mystery for decades. We believe that living a healthy lifestyle and providing proper education to children, parents, and faculty in schools can help to improve quality of life for those children suffering from Neurological and Mental Disorders.

It is our mission to gather scientific data on ways to improve brain function in this population of children to help implement cutting edge wellness programs into the educational system. We work with existing schools to help educate faculty, parents, and students on how to build a healthier brain by living a healthy lifestyle. 

It is our long-term vision to build schools domestically and overseas that utilize the most cutting edge data in Neuroscience to create our next generation of leaders.

Please reach out to us today to donate and help build a brighter future for our youth one brain a time!

Autism - ASD
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